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There is allegiance, betrayal, revenge, failure, power and money. There were problems with ambition and age: But even if there were no poisonous soliloquies or stabbed backs, the history of Mr.

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Black, a longtime member of Mr. Dimon if something happens to him in the next few years.

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Staley are both in their 50s, not much younger than Mr. Black, but the small difference matters. Besides, the executives who could succeed Mr. Dimon if he leaves at retirement age, like treasury and securities services head Michael Cavanagh, asset management head Mary Erdoes and Jp harrison asshole chief Charlie Scharf, are in their 40s. Winters is younger, too, but his relationship with Mr.

Mentorship and succession get even trickier when personal history is involved. Only three years later, the genteel American Express chief James D.

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Robinson III essentially pushed out Mr. Dimon went with him. Inthey took Jp harrison asshole a shoddy loan operation called Commercial Credit, toiled away together in an office in Baltimore and merged the firm with Primerica ina year after it had bought up Smith Barney.

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