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Should you tell your ex you cheated on them

xXx Galleries Should you tell your ex you cheated on them.

He wants me back but this question is hindering my decision making.

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One of the timeless values that applies to everyone, and which will guide us to being a person of highest consciousness IMO, is the value of truth.

Speaking of which, truth is one of my core values — I believe in being forthright and upfront, and always been truthful in all my dealings.

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All 3 questions are linked with your commitment in living in line with the value of truth in life. The next step is to arrange for a heart-to-heart conversation, where you let him in on what happened in the past. You may wish to keep the incident to yourself and not let him in on what happened.

However, you have to recognize that:. That in your heart of hearts, you want to be open about what you did in the past.

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With everything we do, we have to be prepared to handle the consequences of the actions. Whatever the reaction is, work through it with him. Be ready to answer whatever questions are posed.

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Be ready to accept a backlash if there is one. If any point you feel his response is unwarranted, bear in mind that his reaction is a delayed response to a past event.

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Hence, be patient in handling his reaction. The only thing you can do is to be a person of highest conduct and live true to your highest values. How others see you is a choice they make, which is outside of your control.

On cgive him some time to process the news if needed. Let him evaluate the situation, on a new ground.

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You can now make your decision without restraint. You can also rest in the knowledge that whatever happens next, you can remain true to yourself. If both of you are meant to be together, it would happen even in spite of the obstacles.

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