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Asian carp threat

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The Ohio State University. We all know the story of the Asian carp invasion in the US. In the s, fish farmers from Southern states in the US began importing Asian carp Silver Carp and Bighead Carp from Asian carp threat in an effort to control phytoplankton blooms in their aquaculture ponds and sewage treatment lagoons.

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Asian carp are filter feeders; they feed on small food items at the base of the food chain. Trouble began when fish escaped into the Mississippi River watershed after floods that breached the man-made lagoons in Arkansas.

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They grow quickly and can decimate plankton populations, small floating organisms that form the foundation of the aquatic food chain and are an important Asian carp threat source to native fishes.

Asian carp outcompete native fish populations and have quickly taken over the Mississippi watershed.

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Once Asian carp threat enter an ecosystem, they are extremely difficult to eradicate; Adult Asian carp have no predators in North America and females lay about half a million eggs each time they spawn. Asian carp continue to expand their range northward, threatening the Laurentian Great Lakes. Asian Asian carp threat in the Great Lakes? Asian carp have not yet established sustainable populations in the Great Lakes. However, there have been several close calls. There is some speculation over whether Asian carp could have a stable population in the Great Lakes.

Because Asian carp are filter feeders, they need algae and plankton to sustain larger populations. They may not be able to establish stable populations in deeper, colder lakes that are less productive, such as Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. If an invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes occurs, it will likely take several years for the population to become problematic, based on historical carp invasions and models of invasive species, and the size of the Great Lakes.

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Preventing Asian Carp entry to the Great Lakes: Prevention efforts are ongoing to keep Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.

The shipping canal that connects the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan is the pathway of most concern in the MRB, and Asian carp threat barriers have been established there.