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Hottest fetish models

Sexy Galleries Hottest fetish models.

Models have been revered as skinny, mindless women who have no direction, except for where they have to walk. Clothing Hottest fetish models be given life, a story, history, a face, a victim, something to make someone want to wear it.

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Fetish Fashion models know how to give fetish clothing life. Fetish fashion models are not necessarily skinny, nor are they seen as mindless. With her pouty lips and voluptuous figure, Kataxenna has all the flair and style of a modern Hottest fetish models vamp.

She models corsets, latex, leather, lingerie, and swimsuits for various designers. She states on her website that latex is her favorite thing to model. She has also starred in fetish films such as Deperate Bondage Strugglers.

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She models Hottest fetish models lingerie, but she has been known to model leather. With her movie-star looks and blonde hair, she represents all that is mainstream bombshell.

Looking at her website gives you an impression on just how bad this girl is. She models for bondage ads and lingerie, giving a light side to such a dark art. She is a versatile model, able to work with many people or by herself.

Susan Wayland Specializing in latex fashion modeling, this German-born blonde is clearly a fetish bombshell.

She models latex lingerie and some fashions, but loves to dress up in latex costume. Her website is close to porn, but she wears these latex fashions in all of her spreads.

And damn, does she wear them well. Ashley Renee Ashley Renee is one of the racier of these top ten. She models for bondage ads and has been in bondage films.

She calls herself a submissive, and loves the feeling of being overpowered.

She models mostly naked, sometimes wearing the occasional skimpy latex outfit. But nevertheless, this woman is definitely a fetish goddess. Ancilla Tilia Anicilla Tilia embodies what every fetish fashion model should be.

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She is the fantasy model. She dresses in all types of fetish gear from latex to leather to bondage.

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She sports all styles and costumes in a sexy and tasteful way. She was also featured in the best-selling Dutch Playboy of all time.

Christine Dolce Both famous and infamous, Christine Dolce, also known as Forbidden, has made her way from Myspace sex goddess to Playboy centerfold.

This blonde sexpot has all the rock chic that fetish models and fetish gear lovers love. She has penchant for role playing and a love of all fetish gear.

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With her classic looks of red lipstick and pin-curled hair, she embodies what the original fetish models were wearing. Dita is also a burlesque performer, and has the ability to make men go weak with her sultry dances.

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Hottest fetish models mainly models corsets, with her cinched waist being 18 inches. She is the epitome of class when it comes to fetish fashion models. Bianca Beauchamp Known as the official Latex Fetish Icon, Bianca Beauchamp is most recognizable for her flaming red hair and hourglass figure.

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Originally Bianca wanted to be a French teacher, however when she was interning, photos on her modeling website were found of her in luscious latex. She was forced to shut down her website, but ultimately decided to take the direction of fetish modeling. She obviously made the right decision. She models latex, leather and all types of lingerie and bondage.

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She was voted into Askmen. Well there you have it.