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Dating a flight attendant

18+ Galleries Dating a flight attendant.
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When I started this job, I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship that desperately needed to end. I will admit, it was fun for a while, but the fun wears off pretty quickly.

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The world was available to me and the only schedule I had to worry about was my own. I was able to work when I wanted, vacation when I wanted, and go on dates or stay home by myself whenever I wanted.

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For the first time ever, I tried to use Tinder…literally a shiver just went up my spine, it was that traumatic for me. During this time a few people from back home had begun messaging me and that never went anywhere.

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Everyone back home just saw my posts and thought I was all of a sudden exciting now that I started traveling, but after texting for a little bit, they realized I was the same boring, nerdy, loner girl that I was before and it always fizzled out.

So then I started meeting people at work.

When you meet a fun, single male flight attendant, it is very rare, but when you do, you usually bond with Dating a flight attendant pretty quickly because you are forced to spend 3 days together! A few flings came of this but nothing more. But after a year of things like this, I realized I was done playing that game.

Here is what I came up with:.

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As you can see, everything I came up with was a combination between the guys problem, and my work schedule. I was trying to force things to work with people who were bad for me and I was also going through a selfish phase of my life.

I wanted someone who was going to be stationary.

I wanted to be Dating a flight attendant one who got to go all over the world whenever I wanted, but I also wanted someone to be there for me whenever I was available. I could say all I wanted about the job and guys being the problem, but really, the problem was me.

One day, I saw a video that was posted on Instagram or Facebook by a guy I went to high school with and I thought it was so cool!

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Now this is the part that makes me actually sound creepy, and makes this seem like it was all intentional, but I had a layover in SLC the very next day. The next day I joined my crew and told them all about it and we all anxiously waited to see if he was going to text me later that day. After I had gotten my whole crew invested, we were all pleasantly surprised when he not only texted me, but Dating a flight attendant me with info about me getting to see my grandma on my next layover, which means that he was actually listening to something that I told him the night before.

Six months later, we have been hanging out ever since; having dates that seem like mini honeymoons thanks to Delta sending me off to Hawaii, and several layover hangouts in SLC. I feel so lucky to Dating a flight attendant met someone who is so patient with me when it comes to my crazy schedule, the long distance, and the independence that I crave.


Jensen has been amazing since the beginning and even though we are different, we work so well together and I look forward to seeing all the adventures that we will get to go on over the next couple of years! Hopefully this all gives you a little idea of what it is like to Dating a flight attendant as a flight attendant. Live out your dreams and do the things that you want to do, and if you meet someone along the way, then great! This is such a great story!!

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