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How to get a chinese girlfriend

xXx Photo Galleries How to get a chinese girlfriend.

It really only consists of my small immediate family of four. And even then, the only family member D has met was my mom, over a couple of quick meals. A lot of this China trip has been about learning more about each other, and now, after two months, this is what D has learned about dating a Chinese girl: Because too much food is better than not enough food, or even just-the-right-amount food.

And you absolutely cannot refuse.

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If you mention the slightest hint of feeling sick, her family will offer to take you to the hospital.

And if you refuse because stomach upsets or runny noses can totally be managed on your ownthey will at the very least run out to buy you some medicine. They will always be worried about your current state.

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Do you have an umbrella? It may rain later. Is the AC in your room working?

Do you want to lay down for a little bit of nap first? Oh look, you just yawned, better go take a nap. You get the idea. You can go to any restaurant and observe this phenomenon. Her family will whip out their wallets at the first mention of the bill, even for something as simple as a bottle of water.

Ever try to fight for payment with a Chinese before? Chinese families are not known to be overly affectionate. But they show that they care in a million other little ways.

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So just let them love you in their own way. Anna is a former civil engineer who traded her hard hat and stability for a backpack and indefinite adventures when she met a boy with big dreams. Street food lover, constant hunter of desserts, carnivore, yet an animal lover, and willing to try most things but refuses to eat bunny.

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Can be found squealing at anything furry and taking way too many pictures. My way to win the bill fight? I will preempt the bill by feigning to go to the washroom before we call for the bill, but actually go to the counter to pay.

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Of course this only works sometimes. I find it really interesting to read about how different cultures show affection, and all of the food based points definitely sound familiar from Chile too!

I end up being fed too much, ha!

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I like that Chile is the same way, hehe. They even offered to skip work one day to take him! Aaron has been with me to Taiwan 5 times now, and he loves it and my family adores him!

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