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A mother whose husband and two children are little people has hit back at cruel strangers who point, laugh and take photos of the family.

At 5ft 4in, Heather Smith, 34, Tall woman with midget over her husband Paul, 40, who is just 4ft tall and, like their children — 3ft 7in Jack, 13 and 3ft 2in Erin, nine — has a form of dwarfism, known as pseudoachondroplasia. After falling in love on holiday, Ms Smith was aware the painful condition may one day affect her children. Yet she did not anticipate the the extent of the jibes her family, from Nottingham, would face, with her youngest even being called a 'stupid little midget'.

Ms Smith is speaking out about ignorant behaviour and calling for a change in attitudes to little people.

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Attitudes are starting to change as dwarfism is more visible but there's still a long way to go. A mother whose husband and two children are little people has hit back at cruel strangers.

Heather Smith's, 34, husband Paul, 40, son Jack, 13 and daughter Erin, nine, all suffer.

Ms Smith was aware her and Paul's children may one day be affected by the condition. Pseudoachondroplasia is a form of dwarfism that affects bone growth and development.

It is caused by a genetic mutation and affects around one in 30, people. Characteristics of the condition include shortened limbs, stubby fingers, a waddled walk, joint pain and limited movement. Diagnosis usually occurs around two years old when characteristics become Tall woman with midget.

Treatment focuses on pain relief and surgery to improve movement, if required.

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Ms Smith and her husband, an administration assistant for Boots, first met in Majorca inwhere she was working as a holiday rep and he was a DJ. Although she had never met any little people, Ms Smith was unfazed by his condition.

Friends and family were very supportive. As pseudoachondroplasia is a genetic condition, they knew there was a chance their children would inherit it.

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Ms Smith also struggles Tall woman with midget cope with the thought of her children being bullied. They've been called babies at school, or children have held footballs just above Jack's head so he can't reach. They don't need the additional worry of stepping outside in the morning and being laughed and pointed at. The couple met in in Majorca.

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