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Magie Relph and Bob Irwin travel extensively all over Africa searching out fabulous textiles, beads and baskets. Taking inspiration from our African fabrics, she cuts and fits and trims and adjusts and stitches away until African Adventure Shoulder Bag Kit.

As always, she just couldn't keep her hands off the fabrics, so Magie put her to work selecting fabrics for a new range of packs: As an added bonus, each pack contains a 'hints and tips' sheet by Janice - perfect to get you started on your way to a new creation.

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Janice Gunner Special Selections. We have five great new Half Metre Challenge packs on the website to tempt you. Half Metre Challenge packs.

Have you noticed we've cut down on the big shows? We've only got Festival of Quilts left.

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From our World Textile Dayswe've discovered something important about running a small scale, fair trade business. We're communicating our experiences and our passion for what we do directly to you. Talks by Magie Relph.

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Just buy one of our modestly priced small quilts donated by Magie, Isobel, Alison and Steph. Treat yourself or a friend for Christmas and help Musa's clinic. If you click it before that date, the page will not be found.